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About Us

About Us

Arvind Ceramics is strategically located, high performance, quality conscious and technology driven organization committed to meet the stringent product specification and customer demands.

Arvind Ceramics has fully equipped modern plant with initial installed capacity of 50000 MT per annum. It currently successfully caters to the refractory needs of various critical and core industries, such as Ferrous, Non-ferrous, Chemicals, Petro-Chemicals, Refineries, Paper and Glass etc, throughout the country. The high quality timeliness in delivery and cost competency can be well reflected by its clientele database consisting of Iron and Steel giants like, Bhilai Steel Plant, Jindal Steels and Prakash Industries Limited etc.

The availability or raw material, reliable power supply, skilled manpower, spares and consumables, communication and transportation facilities and easy accessibility to various other resources gives the unit an edge over its competitors. In a short span of time Arvind Ceramics has emerged a market leader in refractories in the region.

Arvind Ceramics is goal oriented, quality driven and highly motivated manufacturing unit supported by competent and committed management team and technologists. The development efforts of the plant signifies their quality consciousness and the quality of the plant is measured by the degree of customer satisfaction achieved.

The Manufacturing

The term refractory is usually defined as that a substance to which it is applied is "Difficult to fuse". The manufacturing cycle of a refractory brick can be seen by the flow diagram under :

The Plant

Arvind Ceramics is dedicated to meet the stringent qualitative and requirement of the customers. End user satisfaction plays a major role in the policy decisions of the firm. The unit is equipped with high temperature 1650 degree fired tunnel kilns. It has a battery of heavy-duty imported ESP presses as well as hydraulic presses for the manufacturing of solid bricks, critical shapes and hollow wares. Hand molding section is also well experienced.

Magnetic separators are installed for removal of free iron particles. Individual batch weighing system ensures proper quantitative balance of raw materials. Muller mixer and double shaft mixer ensures homogenous mixing of raw materials. Raw materials are screened thoroughly for maintaining proper granulometric composition. Mill house consists of Pulveriser and ball mill for fine grinding supported by pan mill, and Jaw crushers. Thus all the equipment installed ensures availability of all properly graded raw materials. The plant also has a hot floor to remove moisture from green products.

It is equipped with the necessary paraphernalia to confirm and maintain the quality standards set for the products. The technical team comes into action from the time the material enters the facility and preserves the quality through regular tests and samples till it leaves. The reduction in rejects and wastes gives the unit better market standing and an upper hand over its competition.

The Laboratory

It is a competitive world and superior quality stands tall as a pillar for advancement and an edge over the competitors. Arvind Ceramics has a well-equipped and fully loaded laboratory to check and maintain the quality of products produced.

The lab has the capabilities to test properties like PCE, PLC, RUL, CCS, RTE, Flexural strength, SR, Apparent Porosity, Bulk Density and all other chemical tests. It is equipped with laboratory scale pilot plant for testing of various products before starting commercial production.

The various tests can be described as under :

P.C.E. (Pyrometric Cone Equivalent): The temperature at which a refractory will deform under its own weight is indicated by PCE.

P.L.C. (Permanent Linear Change): It on reheating and cooling give an indication of the volume stability of the product as well as stability off process parameter during manufacture.

R.U.L. (Refractory Under Load): It gives an indication of the temperature at which the brick will collapse in service condition at similar load.

A.P. (Apparent Porosity): It is the measure of the volume of the open pores into which a liquid can penetrate as a percentage of the total volume.

B.D. (Bulk Density): It defines the material present in the given volume.

C.C.S. (Cold Crushing Strength): It reveals the ability of the brick to withstand the rigors of transportation.

The above stated definitions clearly indicate the quality tests undergone by the bricks. Arvind Ceramics is a quality conscious unit, which has a well-run total quality management program. The state of the art technology able backed by competent and committed technologists enables the company to produce high quality products.